My Story: Bronwyn

  Life is a journey. It's one I've come to know that has provided me with unimaginable obstacles that I have, through time and strength, overcome. This battle gave birth to an entity I have come to identify with - I am a warrior, and this is my story.   I remember my...

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Protect & Connect

Living in a big city sometimes sucks. There is so much going on, so many noises and distractions. There is less of the natural world and fewer connections. As a yoga teacher, I observe that many students are disconnected — from themselves, from nature, from their...

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Why Are There 108 Beads on a Mala?

  Ever wonder why there are 108 beads on your mala? Why 108? What is the significance? And how does it contribute to your own personal cleansing & healing? We’re going to help you demystify it, in hopes that you’ll be able to seek a deeper connection to your mala...

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How to Attune to Your Mala Beads

With spring well on its way, we are able to energetically shift into this beautiful space of renewal, reset, and rebirth. Like the full moon, spring can be the optimal time to charge up your crystals. You may even feel drawn towards playing around with new...

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My Mala Broke – What Does it Mean?

  The idea of anything breaking can be a heart wrenching thought. Most of us have experienced a break - a broken relationship perhaps or some tangible item near and dear to our heart that we watch, in what seems like slow motion, drop to the floor and shatter in a...

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What is a Primordial Mantra?

Primordial sound meditation is primarily based upon chanting of Om or Aum, the eternal syllable. The Upanishads say that Om is the primordial mantra or the 'first' sound of the universe and was generated by the cosmic vibration that resulted in all of creation....

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My Story: Jewelia

Jewelia is an ambassador & assistant mala maker at MalaRae I like to believe that the universe writes our story for us, and that it is our job as human beings to lean into that calling and bring it into existence. My journey has only just begun but I’ll share what I...

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Grand Prize Winner

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who participated in our 12 Days of Giveaways + Grand Prize Giveaway! As you know, we worked with some pretty amazing local companies who donated some very generous prizes. Throughout the giveaway, we received a lot of very kind feedback...

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