MalaRae is a unique mala company based in the Ottawa region of Canada. Each piece is made with care, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. As the process of making malas influences the energy of mala beads, each piece is made with love and only during a positive and peaceful state of mind.  We use only top quality semi-precious gemstones and crystals. Our malas are handmade and knotted between each stone. The number of stones in our malas are made to the specific spiritual number of 108. We do not mass-produce our pieces, and we do not outsource the making of our pieces to factories abroad. Once complete, each piece is sage cleansed and moonlit charged.  It is our hope that this space and our mala beads bring your mind, body and spirit a sense of true peace and positivity.



MalaRae was created by Kyla Rae, a devoted student of energy healing and meditation. The journey to MalaRae began with a strong spiritual transition in the year 2008. Suffering from health issues and a low sense of self-worth due to family trauma, Kyla began searching for answers. She has since become a certified meditation teacher, registered nutritionist, practices regular yoga, studies the healing energy of reiki and crystals, and has empowered woman throughout pregnancy and delivery as a volunteer doula. Her true passion though has become MalaRae. She believes in the overwhelming healing and calming powers of malas and it is her honor to share this gift with others. Kyla currently lives in the peaceful and serene hills of Quebec Canada with her loving husband and two beautiful children.



“It is my wish that MalaRae nurtures the peaceful and compassionate qualities that are readily available within us all. Namaste.” Kyla Rae

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