With spring well on its way, we are able to energetically shift into this beautiful space of renewal, reset, and rebirth. Like the full moon, spring can be the optimal time to charge up your crystals. You may even feel drawn towards playing around with new ones…perhaps those containing lighter energy! Today we’re going to dive into how you can attune to your crystals, specifically the crystals in your mala beads.

What does attuning mean? Simply put, it means connecting or familiarizing yourself with your crystals.

I want to start off by saying that this process can & should be SUPER personalized, go with your gut (it’s literally your second brain) and do what feels like magic for the soul. Often times, the crystals we’re attracted to or first reach towards are the ones with the vibrations that we need most in our lives. The specific vibrational frequency of that stone will help guide you towards set intentions, a path of truth, and expansion. Trust that you are receiving whatever it is that your soul needs to receive.

Here are 3 simple steps to attuning to your mala beads:





Start by getting your sacred space set up. Comfy clothes, effortless seat, Savasana if that floats your boat, make it a moving meditation by earthing in the forest, diffuse the most divine essential oil, play your fav tunes, soak up the silence, maybe light a candle. The options are seriously endless! It’s a sacred event after all, make it feel good.





Time to get down to {love} business and find out what these crystals are all about. Set a timer for 5-20 minutes dedicated to meditating and tuning into the frequency emitted by your stones. Please remember that the energetic body is a subtle one! You may not feel anything on a physical level, trust that you are syncing with your crystals regardless – because you are. Place the mala in either one of your hands (whichever feels right). Start to become aware of your breathe and still the mind. Focus on sensations, thoughts, or feelings that come up while you are in contact with your mala. Become curious, but not attached, to what comes up. This allows for deeper expansion and truth to flow through you.

Hand placement options

  • Free Style - whatever feels most natural to you… have your mala curled up in either one of your hands, suspended, wear it like you normally would, admire it from a distance. Anytime goes!
  • Traditional - have your mala suspended from the middle finger. Draw the mala one bead at a time towards you with your thumb, sliding from bead to bead.





This step is optional, as you will always be able to tune back into your heart space, but I highly recommend it! It can be very powerful to look back on. Post meditation is known to be a space where you are most susceptible to allowing creativity to flow through (I swear! Most of the time when I look back on my soul musings post medi I think to myself “wtf!? How did I even write that!?” which cultivates a whole lotta self-love). Write about insights, how you felt in the presence of the crystals, what it is you are trying to call into your life, intentions behind the stones, etc. Write to write! Just let the pen flow, don’t censor anything (you’re the only one who is going to read it anyways), and try not to judge what comes up or think “I can’t write”. Take all the love that you just soaked in and sprinkle it around yourself.  End with gratitude! Say thank you to the universe, to you, and to the crystals. Make a wish, say a prayer…I promise that magic will flow your way.


Most importantly, remember to have fun with attuning. It can trigger some serious truth bombs so take it with light.

Have you tried any of these methods when attuning to your crystals? If not, which method resonates most with you?


Written by Jewelia Orlick, MalaRae OMbassador

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