Choosing a new mala or bracelet can be an exciting & healing step on your journey. There are an abundance of gemstones to pick from which can, at times, bring a sensation of overwhelm. Questions like, ‘how can I be sure of the crystal I’m picking?’ Or ‘how do I know if a piece resonates with me?’ can rise to the surface. The good news? This article is here to support you. We’ve helped countless clients find meaningful pieces that match both their intentions and their wardrobe.

We’ll walk you through a few of our favourite ways to select a gemstone and ensure you’re feeling aligned with the properties, look & feel of your selected piece. Let’s get started.

Go with your guttaurus

This is our time & tested technique for choosing a gemstones and/or mala. Is there a gemstone or piece that naturally stands out to you? One that you are continually drawn to? If so, this may be your intuitions way of telling you that this is the gemstone or piece most suited to you. It can be as simple as browsing the website and noticing gemstones or products that catch your eye. The ones that stand out are not an accident. You may even be surprised to find that once you look into the properties of said gemstone(s), it is aligned with exactly what you need. Trust the process that unfolds from listening to your gut. The gemstones can sense your energy & vice versa. 

Read about crystals 

You can do research prior to shopping to get a better sense of the gemstone direction you’d like to go. Different crystals provide different frequencies. Browse our gemstone guide & pick a piece based on the energetic qualities you’re looking to attract. This can help narrow down your selection process. 

Shop by Intention

We’ve done the work for you and have carefully crafted descriptions for a variety of intentions you may have for your piece. Each Intention is linked to the pieces we have that will assist you in your work towards bringing those intentions to fruition. The gemstone pairings we have created are unique, and work together to provide the highest levels of energetic healing.

Find your Colour

While malas can assist in meditation and provide deep healing, they can also be worn simply as a fashion statement. Your attraction to them may be based solely on the fact that you like how it looks and that is perfectly okay. We love seeing MalaRae pieces tied together with your unique & personalized style! Have it match your go-to outfits & look great while doing it. On another note: colorology is also a thing. Different colours can provide a variety of feelings, impact your mood & work to balance your chakras. So once again, the colours & gemstones that you pick may not be as random as you think. Everything is working together.

We hope this helped, love. 

Once you’ve picked your perfect MalaRae piece, be sure to post a photo on Instagram, tag us, & use the hashtag #mymalarae

We can’t wait to see you wearing it. xo

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