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The {Inspired By} Collection - MalaRae

A new collection is here!

We are thrilled to announce that the {INSPIRED BY} collection is now available for purchase online. As you may know, we offer custom mala design services and this collection is made up entirely of some of our favorite custom work. The best part - we will continue to add to this collection as new favorites are created.

There are currently six malas with matching bracelets in the collection. The gemstones chosen represent the intentions and vision of the clients that we worked with. We hope that you love them as much as we do!

Each picture is linked to the corresponded product on the website. Click for more information.

MAGIC ~ Inspired by Emma
Manifest your bright-wild-magic! Achieve beyond your wildest dreams. Nothing is impossible.

Amethyst: Creativity | Wisdom | Peace
Amazonite: Communication | Trust | Willpower
Blue Chalcedony: Postivity | Vitality | Endurance
Rose Quartz: Love | Nurturing | Calming
Smokey Quartz: Protection | Grounding |Positivity


Magic Mala_SideMagic Bracelet_Side

CREATIVE ~ Inspired by Zoe

Tap into your creativity and let your imagination run wild. Follow your dream.

Rose Quartz: Love | Calming | Nurturing
Lapis Lazuli: Truth | Self Awareness | Clarity
Amethyst: Wisdom | Creativity | Peace
White Agate: Security | Grounding | Wisdom


Creative Mala_SideCreative Bracelet_Side

FREEDOM ~ Inspired by Bella

Freedom is being your true self. Set yourself free and let your spirit fly.

Sodalite: Intuition | Trust | Harmony | Self Awareness | Communication
Turquoise: Love | Protection | Creativity | Willpower | Positivity


Mala 108 BeadsFreedom Bracelet 2
PEACE ~ Inspired by Gigi

Wrap yourself in the comfort of earth’s energy and be guided by its wisdom. Carry peace within you.

Rhyolite: Prosperity | Love | Protection | Regeneration | Wisdom
Golden Tigereye: Protection | Strength | Focus | Groudning | Patience
Rose Quartz: Love | Creativity | Nurturing | Calming | Healing


Peace Mala_SidePeace Bracelet_Side
EDIBLE GODDESS ~ Inspired by Bethanne

Believe in yourself.
Once you really embrace this wisdom, you’ll see that anything & everything is possible - and you can co-create & enjoy the life of your dreams.

Rose Quartz: Love | Healing | Nurturing
Red Tigereye: Focus | Willpower | Abundance
Amethyst: Wisdom | Creativity | Success
Picture Jasper: Balance | Peace | Positivity


IMG_4672Edible Goddess Bracelet_Side
AND FINALLY… just in time for MOTHER’S DAY…
MOTHERHOOD ~ Inspired by Crystal

You are a sacred vessel of life and eternal love. Embrace your magnificence and honour your divinity.

Garnet: Regeneration | Self Worth | Healing | Empowerment | Energizing
Rose Quartz: Love | Creativity | Nurturing | Calming | Healing


Motherhood Mala_SideMotherhood Bracelet_Side
That’s it for now, but keep checking back for new designs being added to the INSPIRED BY Collection!

Which one is your favorite so far?

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