It is theorized that the brain is divided into the ‘left brain’ and the ‘right brain’. Human beings who are mostly ‘left brain’ tend to be more analytical or quantitative in their thinking, which governs the logical component of the brain. On the other hand, those of us who are said to be more ‘right brain’ often are more artistic or creative, which corresponds more to one’s connection to the intuitive, heart-centered mind.

In today’s ‘civilized’ world, many of us are predominately operating via the logical component of the brain, which, if not balanced with the ‘right brain’, can eventually lead to disharmony in one’s day-to-day life.

Much of today’s stress and anxiety can be attributed to such imbalance, however, there are some simple activities we can do now to help ease our troubled minds and bring us back into a state of mind/heart symbiosis.

Our connection to our over soul, higher self energy, or true self is accomplished by connecting ‘within’ via our heart center. The more we can connect with our heart center, the easier it is to deflect the chaos of the outside world and thus start living a life of non-resistance and serenity.



An array of ancient and novel methods can be used to help bring in more peace and balance within our lives, including sun gazing, yoga, meditation and using tools such as malas to deepen our practice. For those new to such methods, or those finding it challenging to undertake or commit to these practices, there are other ways that can helped bring us out of a state of imbalance and into a feeling of peace.

One of the easiest ways to get out of our brain and into our heart is to use this simple visualization:

  1. Find a quiet space to sit in whatever position is most comfortable and close your eyes;
  2. Take 3 deep conscious breathes;
  3. Picture in your mind’s eye (third eye) an elevator which is currently stationed in your brain;
  4. Once you have a solid visual of the elevator, perhaps even your thoughts within it, start counting backwards from 10;
  5. As you count backwards from 10 to 1, visualize the elevator descending from your brain and into your heart;
  6. Once you have reached 1, the elevator should be soundly nestled in your heart (you may feel a tingle once it is fully present in this area);
  7. Repeat this visualization as many times as you need in order to be fully present in your heart center.

Another simple way to instantly ease the mind is using affirmations or ‘I AM’ statements. I AM statements help us to instantly connect with our higher mind/self and unlock the quantum or multidimensional aspects of our DNA to activate more and more of our true self/higher self into our physical body manifestation. Simply repeat (with intention and focus) the following statement as many times as you require: “I AM THE LIGHT, I AM THE LOVE, I AM THE TRUST, I AM.”

Achieving greater peace and harmony starts with recognizing the need to immerse ourselves more and more into our heart center or ‘right brain’. Establishing a simple practice like the above, can not only assist our ability to lead from our heart in our thinking and decision making, but it will ultimately bring us more harmony in our day-to-day lives.

What do you do to stay heart centered and maintain your internal peace? Will you use these simple exercises? Let us know in the comments below.


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