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Mala Meditation - MalaRae

Whether you’re a total newbie to meditation or have been a dedicated practitioner for years, mala meditation is one of our all-time favorites. Its simplicity is what makes the practice so powerful. We believe that meditation is one of the best forms of self-care. Creating space and inner stability within yourself is something that nobody else can do for you – you are the only one who has control over your internal world. It takes patience and dedication, but eventually becomes routine and even something you crave on the daily.

If you’re the type of person who wants to start meditating ASAP and skip the rest…we’ll walk you through it.  Scroll down for your step-by-step guide on how to meditate with your mala.



The Practice

Mala meditation is documented to date back around the 8th century B.C.E. and has since made its way into the Western world as an extremely effective and healing tool. The specific vibrational frequency of the variety of stones will help guide you towards setting intentions and personal expansion. The energetic body that goes hand in hand with crystals is a subtle one. Know that may not feel anything on a physical level, but trust that you are syncing with your crystals regardless – because you are.

During a mala meditation, every bead is an opportunity to come back to your set intention. As you move along each bead, repeat to yourself (either in your head or out loud) a specific mantra. A mantra, directly translated, means a “mind instrument”, this is a word or a phrase that resonates with you. If mantra doesn’t float your boat, you can also use a breath pattern as you cycle through each bead. For example; inhaling on one bead, exhaling on the next. You can also focus on sensations, thoughts, or feelings that come up while you are in contact with your mala

Choosing a Mantra

This part is personal and has everything to do with what you’re currently working on within yourself. Your mantra can also relate back to the initial intention behind your mala of choice or the meaning of the crystals.

While choosing a mantra, get quiet for a second and connect to your breath. Maybe gaze at your mala and get a sense for what it represents for you today. What do you need? Let a word or phrase intuitively come up. Try not to overthink. The first thing that popped up? That’s most often your gut talking to you. Go with it

If choosing a mantra is challenging for you, you can choose one of these examples or even do some research to find one that you like. Eventually, you will get more & more comfortable with tuning into what will bring you the most healing.

Examples of mantras:

I trust that I’m exactly where I need to be. I trust myself. I trust the Universe

I am Love. I am Safe. I am Supported

May I be happy and healthy today.

May all beings everywhere feel joy today

Abundance flows my way

Hand Placements

  1. Traditional (*recommended*): have your mala suspended from the middle finger (either one of your hands, whichever feels right). One bead at a time, draw the mala towards you with your thumb, sliding from bead to bead.
  2. Free Style: whatever feels most natural to you… curled up in either one of your hands, suspended, wear it like you normally would, place it on an altar, admire it from a distance. Anything goes!

Your Step-By-Step Guide

Meditation made easy…cuz it should feel ease-FULL. Here’s the step-by-step guide for how to meditate with your mala. Happy Meditating!

{our recommendations for amplified comfort: turn your phone/wifi off. set a timer for peace of mind. sit with your hips elevated on a bolster, block or cushion to protect your back and avoid your legs from falling asleep}

  • Light a candle. Put on your favorite scarf or wrap yourself up in a blanket. Find a comfortable seated shape.
  • Have your mala in your preferred hand placement or somewhere nearby.
  • Gently shut your eyes and take a few really slow deep breaths. Feel your belly rise with every inhale, and soften with every exhale
  • When you’re ready, bring your mantra/intention to your mind’s eye
  • Recite your mantra silently or out loud as you pull each new bead towards you
  • Continue until your timer goes off (even just 5 minutes can change the chemistry of your brain!). Say thank you. Carry on with your day with a sense of calm.

Optional Post Medi Practice: Journaling

Post meditation is known to be a space where you are most susceptible to creativity. Write about insights, how you felt in the presence of the crystals, what you are trying to call into your life, intentions behind the stones, etc. Just let the pen flow across the paper… don’t censor anything (you’re the only one who is going to read it anyways), try not to judge what comes up or think “I can’t write”. This process is all about letting whatever needs to come to the surface, come and allowing insights from the subconscious mind to bubble up.

How did this practice go? What’s your favorite form of meditation? Share your experience or ask questions in the comment section below. We love connecting with you!


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