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My Story: Jewelia - MalaRae

Jewelia is an ambassador & assistant mala maker at MalaRae

I like to believe that the universe writes our story for us, and that it is our job as human beings to lean into that calling and bring it into existence. My journey has only just begun but I’ll share what I have surrendered. As for what’s to come, my arms & heart are wide open to what the universe has in store for me in this lifetime.

Spirituality and holistic healing has subconsciously been a part of my life right from birth, being born at home in a bathtub (hence my being an extreme water baby). I was extremely fortunate to have grown up surrounded by trees, water, and the magical healing vibration of Mother Earth. My connection to the universe and my interpretation of truth comes from having grown up so close to nature herself. Naturally, being outside the majority of my childhood led me to a different form of connection to water - one which included a paddle and a boat. That passion grew and grew until I was training multiple times a day, making my goal of competing internationally for the Junior Canadian National Team.



My intention moving forward with this blog is to share my most open and vulnerable self in hopes of providing insight into different holistic forms of healing. While traveling to Nicaragua on my first ever solo yoga and service trip, I received divine wisdom post sunrise meditation… “I need to heal my relationship to truth.” Since then, I’ve come to terms with the fact that in order to heal my truth I need to share it. So here it goes;

For most of my life, paddling was my stability. It was a physical action that I gripped onto – everything about it filled my heart with joy, totally lighting me up…until one day it didn’t. I was gripping too hard, which constricted my ability to feel joy. I was numbing the {now obvious} foundational cracks that were starting to crumble beneath my feet. My meditation and yoga practice became one of fear, pushing down, and sprinkling false magic. Ignoring these internal whispers inevitably leads to screams. Denial and I have become familiar acquaintances these past few months. Denial that I was contracting in an area I used to expand. Denial that joy wasn’t flowing. Denial that I was somehow immune to mental dis-ease {news flash: no one is}. So I broke. The universe literally smacked me in the face, forcing me to listen. In the form of a close soul sister I was asked the simple question: “are you okay?”. This was the tipping point for me. The point where I was emotionally forced to create space to let my heart finally speak. I spiraled into weeks of anxiety, days of no sleep, and the ocean pouring out of my eyes after this blunt confrontation with myself for myself. But if I can share one thing, it’s that mental breakdowns eventually shift into mental awakenings.

With therapy, personal reflection, crystal healing, movement as medicine, heart expanding practices, and a troop of supportive people behind me I can say with conviction that I am at peace. Taking a step back from sport for the time being has been the most compassionate {and difficult} thing I could have ever done for myself and I am so proud.  I am turning to myself before turning to anyone else. I am in the place I need to be. I feel this with all of my heart. I choose to replace denial with truth.



The plan is no plan. and that is a beautiful place to be. I have no idea where I’m going, if sport will continue to be a part of my daily life, and what the universe has in store for me. But I’ll tell you this much; I’m manifesting a whole lot of love, twinkly lights & MalaRae magic.

Sending you loads of light, xx

Namaste, Jewels


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