Manifest Mala

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Let your actions manifest your dreams and turn possibility into reality.

This mala is handmade using the gemstones Onyx & Brown Snowflake Obsidian.

108 beads at 6mm each; 1 guru bead at 8mm

Hand knotted between each stone.

Hangs approximately 46cm in length

*** See here to gain access to your own personal primordial mantra based on the vibration the universe was creating at the time and place of your birth.

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Manifest Mala

Onyx is associated with resistance and persistence, helping the wearer manage and complete tasks with focus, will power, strength, confidence and discipline. It is typically worn for protection and to defend against negativity. The stone can release mental stress and promote emotional well-being. It is said to help with making intelligent decisions. In addition, it’s believed to help strengthen one’s bones and assist or accelerate the growth of skin, nails and hair.

Snowflake Obsidian is known as a stone of transition and opens the door to change. It balances mind, body and spirit while promoting a sense of calm and inner centering which readies one for a deep meditative state. In general, snowflake obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone. It urges us to grow and lends solid support while we work towards a goal. On a physical level, snowflake obsidian is associated with the skeletal and vascular systems and is said to support smooth skin. Obsidian is known to balance the root chakra.

1 review for Manifest Mala

  1. Nick Tilton (verified owner)

    The nicest built mala I’ve had. The knots between each bead, in addition to the beautiful stones, makes for a sturdy piece. I would absolutely recommend this necklace

    • MalaRae

      Thank you so much for your feedback Nick!! We are so happy that you are pleased with your mala. Thank you for choosing to support MalaRae. Much love ~

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