Signature City of Om Bracelet Combo



Missed out on last year’s City of Om bracelet? We’ve got you covered.

For a limited time only, order both bracelets at a discounted rate. (Available for online purchases only)

Show your support for City of Om by wearing the Signature City of Om Bracelets at the event and throughout the year.

BONUS:: $1 from every bracelet sold will be donated to the charities supported by City of Om.

Stones are 6mm each. Strong elastic (.8mm).

Need help to find your size? Click here to read the MalaRae bracelet sizing guide.



Signature City of Om Bracelet 2017

Lava stone literally comes from the core of the earth and is therefore a very grounding stone, wonderful for calming and balancing emotions. It represents our connection to mother earth and is a fantastic stone for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. It is also a fun addition for those who love essential oils, since the stones are porous and soak up the oils, providing a natural diffusing effect.

Quartz Crystal is known as a master healer crystal and is excellent for amplifying the energies of other stones. Used in meditation, it filters out distraction and helps to empty the mind. It allows for a feeling of “oneness” and provides for a deep meditation state.  It is believed to increase spiritual wisdom and insight and promote clarity of thought. In addition, it is known to be good for treating headaches, dizziness and general pain relief, as well as healing emotional wounds. Quartz Crystal harmonizes all of the chakras and is particularly useful for stimulating the crown chakra.

Picture Jasper is known as the “supreme nurturer”. A stone of balance, it is believed to provide a deep sense of harmony and inner peace. It can help to enhance creativity, bestow courage, strengthen willpower and provide protection against negativity. It’s also believed to help boost the immune system, aid in detoxification, stimulate circulation and increase energy. Jasper can be used to cleanse, boost and realign all the chakras.


Signature City of Om Bracelet 2016

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone. It opens the heart to giving and receiving love.

Garnet encourages gratitude and service to others.

Amazonite strengthens friendships, family and other relationships. It enhances trust and communication.

Amethyst raises our consciousness and opens our intuition. It opens our intuition and allows us to gain a higher perspective on important issues.

Sodalite facilitates truth and survival. It helps clear the mind for deeper and wiser thinking, allowing us to clear old patterns and enhance communication.

The rest of the bracelet is made with PICTURE JASPER – a very balancing and peace promoting gemstone.

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