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Refer A Studio & Wholesale PagesWould you like to receive your mala for free?

Choosing a mala is a very personal experience. There’s nothing better than holding a beautiful set of mala beads in your hands and feeling the energy in person — helping you find your perfect match. For this reason, we love to reach out to stores and studios that are interested in our mala beads.

Our mala beads are hand made, carry high quality gemstones and are knotted between each stone. Each piece is moonlit charged, sage cleansed and filled with love.
Do you love our malas and would like to help us bring the mala joy to others?

If so, take advantage of our Refer A Studio program.

How does it work?

If you know a yoga studio, lifestyle store or boutique that you would be interested in carrying our mala beads, let them know about us!

The studio can visit our website or contact us for more information.

If they place an order and mention your name, you will receive a mala of your choice for free! ($100 value or less)

So easy! Spread the news and be united with your favorite mala.



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