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The Science of Attraction: Why are we drawn to certain crystals? - MalaRae


“We are made of energy. Everything in the world is made of energy, which can be defined most simply as; ‘information that vibrates.’”

Run into the MalaRae team at any yoga festival, community event or even the local juice bar and you’re more than likely (assuming you get us talking about all things malas & magic) to hear us say something along the lines of; “you’ll be attracted to the stone you need the most”.

This statement, as mystical as it appears to be, could not be any closer to the truth. We see it time and time again. The women who reaches for the fertility stone, only to find out a short while later that she has been trying to conceive. The traveler led towards picture jasper (i.e. An extremely grounding + earthy stone) as an intuitive way to balance all the jet-setting. The clear quartz for someone who needs to let go.

We are often drawn to lighter energies in summer – a beautiful way to sync with Mama Earth. Darker energies bring in strength during times of grief, loss, pain…you know the feeling. Crystals have the ability to reveal where our energetic field is at, and more than that, where we would like our energetic field to be. Crystals hum the same tune as we do. They are in fact, information that vibrates.

In some of my own crystal experiences, I’ve gravitated towards onyx (a black stone) and the darker side of things. During one of my most confusing and seemingly “lost” times, I immediately craved all the beauty that can be found within the dark. This emanated directly from my onyx beads. It’s a sense of comfort I think… to match with a piece of nature, and to console in them. It’s familiar because it quite literally reflects the exact spot you are energetically sitting in. Just like your reflection is portrayed in a mirror, it can also be reflected through the world of crystal healing.

Needless to say, after my onyx experience I grew, learned and started wandering down amethyst valley. Amethyst is one of the most healing for emotional, physical, and spiritual distress. So I went full circle, from “strength to get through it” to “time to heal”. Coincidence? Definitely not. The sequence to which they both came into my life was divinely connected. A total reflection of me.

It goes so much deeper than just the physical appearance of the stone (although color can be a contributing factor as well) – we’re talking about metaphysics here. A subtle energy that cannot be seen by the naked eye, rather FELT.



So what’s the reason? The why behind the attraction? The simple answer is resonance. What flows the most natural? Which stones do you trust? Energy doesn’t lie! As spiritual beings in a material world, we are drawn to what we need. Tuning into what it is we’re reaching for (crystals and otherwise), is the surest way to fulfill our desires.

Now, the more complex answer would be metaphysics – a world in which there is little physical proof and countless theories. Theories that have to be felt, and not just “seen”. Crystals trigger our psyche, and have access to our subconscious mind. Freaky? Kind of, but oh so magical! It’s their ability to sync with our own energetic body in the most natural, soft & graceful way that transforms them from something “pretty”, to an extremely powerful tool. I say that they are a tool because if you think about it; your subconscious mind = the deepest part of YOU. Getting to tune in and explore that place within yourself is the real gift. Crystals are just a potential vehicle to get there, as they represent your vibrational frequency.

Like we say with all things crystals, the process is SUPER personalized. You’ll feel called to different energies when you need them. Just like in a yoga class, what feels good for you is going to look a lot different than the person standing next to you. You’ll notice that with crystals as they have a tendency to creep up on you at the exact time you need them most…just more proof of how magical they really can be.

Looking back, were you ever drawn to a specific crystal that helped you heal somewhere along your path? We LOVE connecting and want to hear your crystal stories!!!


Written by Jewelia Orlick, MalaRae OMbassador
Photo credit: therockandcoshop.com

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