new yearIt’s the time of year when we are reflecting on the past and deciding what we want to call into our future (and the new decade!). Here are a few ways your mala can be a support in sticking to your New Year intentions.

Malas serve as reminders

One of the beautiful things about malas is that they serve as a reminder to come back to your intention and the present moment. Before you put your mala on in the morning try setting an intention for your day (one that will help you take steps towards realizing your New Year dreams). Throughout your day each time you play with your mala, hear it jingle, or sense its presence take a moment to breathe, feel into your intention and move forward with a greater sense of purpose and alignment. Following through to see your intentions become a reality means repetition and a consistent rewiring of the brain. Physical tools can be a tremendous support – malas especially.

Meditate with your mala

Traditionally used for meditation, malas are a tool for Japa (or mala) meditation. This practice consists of reciting a mantra (a meaningful word or phrase) over & over again while moving your fingers along each bead. For step-by-step instructions check out our recent blog post ‘Mala Meditation’. Meditation helps to focus the mind and steady the heart so that your intentions may flourish alongside you.

Crystals vibrate. Get on their frequency.

You’re drawn to your mala for a reason. All things – rocks, plants, humans, etc. – vibrate at a specific frequency that cannot be seen by the human eye. It’s science. We’ve all heard the phenomenon that you become a mix of the top five people you spend time with. When you surround yourself with successful, kind, likeminded individuals their energy influences yours. The same goes for gemstones – they vibrate at specific frequencies which in turn changes the frequency of your own being. Malas, when paired with active intention setting, work on an subconscious energetic level. The cool thing about them is that they can shift your subtle body to call in that which you desire. Relax, trust the process and you will be vibrating with your crystals in no time.

From our hearts to yours, Happy New Year! Wishing you the best. May all your visions & dreams come to life xox

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