Ever wonder why there are 108 beads on your mala? Why 108? What is the significance? And how does it contribute to your own personal cleansing & healing?

We’re going to help you demystify it, in hopes that you’ll be able to seek a deeper connection to your mala beads. Like all things mala and magic – it is all up to your interpretation and what feels true in your own gut.

Traditional malas have 108 beads + a guru bead. The guru stone is a separate stone (located just above the tassel) set aside for gratitude and connection to the divine. It can also represent the completion of a cycle; essentially it’s where all the built up energy from past cycles reside (if you’ve ever experienced a mala break, typically it breaks near the guru stone). Energy doesn’t lie when it needs to be released, am I right!?

So back to 108 mythologies… we’ll lay out the groundwork for different theories. Tune in. Cozy up. Grab your green juice/your tea. And intuitively sense which approach resonates with you.

MANTRA: in a practical sense, a mala is a meditation tool. It’s said that repeating a mantra 100 times will purify the body, mind and spirit. The remaining 8 stones are accounted for errors and/or offerings to the divine, god, universe, source, love…whatever you wish to call it.

CHAKRAS: there are 7 different energy points (called chakras) in the body. In addition to this, there are 108 energy lines connecting these points to the heart – the home of love, compassion and kindness. Working with this specific number stimulates the energy lines, leading you straight back to your heart center.

SANSKRIT: when using mantras many people refer to those written in Sanskrit, the ancient script of India. In this alphabet there are 54 letters. Each letter has a masculine and a feminine side, totaling to 108 letters.

NUMBERS: 1+0+8= 9 … In numerology, 9 is said to be the number of infinity and the nature of the divine.

MOON: if you’re into the moon, stars and all things cosmos you’ll be happy to know that your mala connects with these aspects as well. The average distance of the moon from earth equals 108 times the diameter of the moon (side note; the lunar energy can be a MEGA charge & reboot for the energy of your crystal beads).

ASTROLOGY: staying on the celestial path; we know that there are 12 houses and 9 planets. 12×9= 108 (mind blown yet!? Yep. Ours is too!)

DESIRES, LIES & DELUSIONS: some people believe that there are 108 stages on the journey of life, including 108 earthly desires in all beings. On top of this, the belief is that there are 108 lies a human tells over the course of their lifetime and 108 forms of ignorance/delusion from reality.

ENLIGHTENMENT: our final theory is that by taking only 108 deep breaths per day, you will reach a state of enlightenment and a form a nirvana – similar to that which one feels while in a deep transcendent meditation.

Do any of these concepts resonate? We love connecting with you! Please comment below with your 108 beliefs + soul musings.


Written by Jewelia Orlick, MalaRae OMbassador
Photography by Ashley Notely Photography

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